The Coastal Arc

The Coastal Arc is the Economic Regeneration Spatial Zone within the Tees Valley, which includes Hartlepool Borough Council and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and the Coastal Arc Photograph was produced in 2009 to create a sense of place, presenting a unique and rarely seen view of the coast, looking from the North Sea.

This photograph includes all aspects of the coast including landsacape, seascape, beaches, towns, seafronts,historic and cultural sites, nature, geology and industry with the intent to change the perception of the area for local people and visitors,

The photographs totalled over 250 shots and developed to produce a unique panoramic photograph that measured 250 meters by 1 meter in one continuous digital print and was taken from an aeroplane flying at an altitude of 500 feet, half a mile off shore using a digital camera. This was displayed in various locations across Hartlepool and Redcar & Cleveland.

The Artists