Waveband is a 1 year project that resulted in the production of a symphonic composition: inspired and arranged by a composer and created by young people under the guidance of professional musicians.

The result will be a Theme and Variations where an epic and memorable theme is treated and dealt with by the experts in urban sounds and popular culture – the young people themselves. They could choose to rock the theme, funk it, dub it or strip it down to a bare, minimal skeleton and reconstruct it in imaginative ways that you didn’t know were possible. This is the ultimate in unpredictable, creative collaboration.

The overall theme of the ‘piece’ is ‘River’. Each school will be given a theme which they will go on to explore and adapt according to their own musical and artistic interpretation. This interpretation will also depend on the musical ability displayed in the group – which again is diverse.

The end piece will be performed – part live and part recorded and accompanied by a stunning film and animation piece created by Marcus Diamond of Neasdon Control Centre.

The project is now up and running! Three secondary schools across the Tees Valley are hosting sessions by the project musicians and will be welcoming the composer, Anthony McNally and visual artist as the year progresses.

The Funders

Borough Council Funders