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North Tees General Hospital

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Health Service, North Tees General Hospital in Hardwick, Stockton on Tees collaborated with Cleveland Arts and Hardwick Tomorrow to produce 50 banners.

The banners which were officially accepted on Sunday 5th July, illustrate the work of various departments at the hospital, (which include the unsung heros such as the porters and cleaners etc), health and safety issues as well as the community throughout the locality of the hospital.

The designs of the 50 banners are based on a series of community workshops implemented by Hardwick Tomorrow. A variety of community groups assisted on the designs. The end product of these workshops provided Graeme Johnson (a Saltburn based graphic artist) with enough material (visual and text) to create 50 unique banners.

A large majority of NHS hospitals organised some form of event for the anniversary. What makes North Tees unique is that, Cleveland Arts, Hardwick Tomorrow, and North Tees General Hospital, tried to involve as many community groups as possible

Community Groups include:

  • Abbey Hill School
  • Bishopsgarth School
  • Hardwick Primary School
  • Hardwick Youth Centre
  • Harrowgate Primary School
  • Hype (Youth Initiative)
  • Occupational Therapy & other departments at North Tees
  • SMASH (community awareness group)
  • Newstart for Women

Initial designs for banners at North Tees General Hospital (designs from school children).