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Stockton High Street

See Stockton High Street, the widest in the country with its decorative and functional artwork, street furniture and integrated floor mosaics. These artworks are all exclusive to Stockton, and they reflect the history and unique characteristics of the town.

Lighting Columns


Graeme Hopper

These rather special pictorial lighting columns have been based on designs produced by children at Tilery, St John’s and the Glebe Priimary Schools and the Norton Road and Parkfield Mental Health Centres.
The four ornamental lamp posts depict the unique characteristics of Stockton: the River Tees and its famous outdoor market, the biggest and best in the region. Metal cut-outs were used to form the main body of the design.

Seating at Dodshon’s Fountain


Peat Oberon

Dodshon’s Fountain, a memorial to John Dodshon in 1875 is once again in Stockton’s famous High Street. Blacksmith Peat Oberon designed the seating near the restored Fountain, and it offers shoppers an ideal place to view Stockton’s renaissance.

Racing Ahead

Racing Ahead

Irene Brown

The three sculptures of racing greyhounds can be found at the junction of Dovecot Street and High Street. The life-size greyhounds are ‘surging ahead with energy’, and symbolise the town’s dynamism and renaissance looking to a better future.



Maggie Howarth

The 48 piece intricate cobble stone floor mosaic near the Town Hall is reflective of Stockton’s loop of the River Tees and the flames of local industry.

Iron Columns


Brian Russell

These distinctive columns can be found at the entrance of Stockton High Street’s hidden courtyards.
The decorative wrought iron columns resemble reef knots, drawing inspiration from the River Tees, which played an important part in shaping Stockton’s development.