Covid-19 Specific Resources

The Tees Valley Arts Library

Apart from the copies of our own publications, Tees Valley Arts have amassed a substantial physical and digital library of resources from local, regional and national arts and cultural organisations, etc.

We’re always happy for people to pop by and take a look and see if we have anything that might help them, maybe in the context of their artistic practice or perhaps finding out about more fundraising opportunities, or if you’re interested in researching the last 30 years of creative activity in Teesside.

Creative Activity Resources

Exhibition Equipment Library

Tees Valley Arts have a range of easels and plinths that are managed for us by Navigator North. If you’d like to use any of that equipment please do get in touch.

Tool & AV Library

Tees Valley Arts have a range of tools that we have provided to The Auxillary on permanent loan so as to make them available to artist and makers across the Tees Valley. Find out more about this collaboration here.


Good Governance Code

Tees Valley Arts bases its governance procedures upon the Charity Governance Code. You can read more about our governance structures here and read more about the Charity Governance Code here.

Project Resources

These are useful resources that we often use when delivering projects:





We use the following software

  • Adobe Creative Suite – with the non-profit discount
  • Dropbox – no discount
  • Google Apps (Non-Profit) – free
  • Office 365 – with the non-profit discount code

Useful Online Resources




  • Downsub.com – for when you need to download subtitles you’ve added to a video online
  • Rev.com – for when you need to generate accurate subtitles quickly