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Application Guidelines

Where can I find Opportunities?

All TVA opportunities are advertised on our website at www.teesvalleyarts.org.uk/opportunities/ and each opportunity will have specific project details and application requirements which will be stated in the advert and/or project outline.

Applying for an Opportunity

When applying for a TVA opportunity you will usually be asked to provide your CV of no more than two pages, a statement of your interest in and approach to the project/residency/opportunity, and a sample of images/work/previous activities as appropriate.

Please make sure you address all specific requirements, which may include set dates for delivery.

As a checklist, you must include

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Your CV (maximum of 2 pages)
  • A scanned copy of your Public Liability Insurance
  • Samples of and/or links to relevant work
  • How you will address any specific project requirements or commitments.
  • How you will address any travel arrangements – both to and from the Tees Valley if you live elsewhere, and within the Tees Valley e.g. between venues or to specific sites or host organisations which may or may not be on regular public transport routes. Be realistic and specific!

You should have a statement of approach that includes:

  • Your approach to working in the specific sector or setting and how this approach will deliver the desired arts outcomes and non-arts outcomes (learning, engagement, enjoyment, progression etc.)
  • Any previous experience of working in the specific sector or setting, or similar
  • Your artistic aspirations for the project
  • NB: length of statement should reflect the size and scale of the residency. Suggested minimum: half a side of A4; suggested maximum: 3 sides of A4.

Download Application Guidelines

Download (PDF, 62KB)