Crossing the Tees

Crossing the Tees: printmaking was produced as a collaboration between the Teesside Print Group, The Crossing the Tees Book Festival and River Tees Rediscovered and celebrated the printmaking of participants at free workshops in Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Darlington during the Crossing the Tees Book Festival 2015.

Published: 15th June 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9540475-9-7
Other Details: Paperback 20pp h210mm x w148mm 11 colour illustrations
Edited by: Adrian Moule
Design: Anna Atkinson Dunn
Photography: Anna Atkinson Dunn and Artists
Typesetting: Neal & Associates
Printing & Binding: A Local Printer Ltd
 450 copies


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Hill Street Takeover Film by Chris Bradburn

This is a stop motion film of the Hillstreet Takeover, filmed on a GoPro camera in November at the #brilliantlyboro #creativefactory space in the Hillstreet Centre, Middlesbrough. The editing was done by me (Chris Bradburn) using Adobe Premiere Pro. The music is from a site called the Free Music Archive and is royalty free.

This is my last project with Tees Valley Arts as I am leaving to further my career as a Filmmaker and am delighted to tell everyone that I have been given the chance to do a work placement at the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle Upon Tyne courtesy of Beacon Films, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I am thankful to the staff of Tees Valley Arts for giving me this opportunity to develop my skills further in video editing and am also thankful to the staff of Step Forward Tees Valley for setting me up with this volunteering opportunity as well as all the support and advice they gave me.

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#brilliantlyboro #creativefactory takeover!

Join us from 10am today for our week-long take-over of the #brilliantlyboro #creativefactory space in the Hill Street Centre, Middlesbrough, where we will be working from for the next week. So if you’re in Boro and fancy popping along and meeting with us, then we look forward to seeing you.

What’s Going On

There will be a number of things happening every day – from the screening of our curated Life films, as part of Real Tees Valley, to our exploration of your memories of public art across Teesside to a reflection on the books we have published over the years – we’ll also be announcing each morning a series of special guests who’ll be joining us that day. So keep your eyes peeled for more information…

Real Tees Valley Films

If you enjoyed the of our Real Tees Valley Films then you’ll be excited to know that the #brilliantlyboro space will be the Middlesbrough stop of our Real Tees Valley Film Trail and you’ll be able to see our five films curated on the theme of LIfe.

Public Art

From our foundation in 1983 until the late 2000s Cleveland and the Tees Valley Arts was one of the largest commissioners of public art in the country, yet we only have a photographic record of those commissions.

So we’ve printed those photographs and brought them to the space so that we can hear your stories and memories of these pieces of public art, some of which are no longer in place.


Over the past thirty years, we have published many pamphlets, books, anthologies and other publications to document our work. Many of these works feature the writing of the people we were collaborating with.

Did you participate in one of these projects? Did your work get published?

If so we’d like to hear your story and if you’d like a copy of the work you contributed towards, we have a number of surplus copies that we’ll be happy to give you.

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Thorntree Roses invite you to a Pennant Making Workshop

The women of the Thorntree Roses community group invite you to join them at a Pennant Making Workshop to be held at:

Thorntree Hub, Birkhall Rd, Middlesbrough, TS3 9JW on Tuesday 29th May from 9:30am to 11:30am

to celebrate a 100-years of the women’s march.

Free for women of all ages, children are welcome if accompanied by a female parent or guardian.

For more information see their facebook page here.

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The Neptune Centre

The Neptune Centre

About the Neptune Centre

The various artworks for the new Neptune Centre began in the early part of 1997, when local poet/writer Bob Beagrie undertook a 2 week ‘residency’ in Berwick Hills. By the end of his 2 weeks, Bob had enough information (given by the local residents) to write a poem entitled “A Curious Eden”.

The poem based on the past and present environment of Berwick Hills gave Martin Donlin (the artist who designed the artworks) an evocative start to designing the features.

The new swimming pool ‘houses’ a series of banners based on Aphrodite, Ceres and Neptune (the God of the Sea) and a stainless steel frieze over 40m long based on Neptune The poem based on Berwick Hills past and present written by Bob Beagrie is engraved onto the frieze and makes an interesting read as you stroll along the covered walkway. The poem reflects the changing lifestyles of local residents and draws upon the rich store of myth, folklore and oral histories that exist just beneath the surface appearance of the ‘ordinary’ housing estate.

Another example of this theme can be seen outside the supermarket on the railings and gates around the site, (which depicts waves and splashes).

There are two 10′ sculptures in the courtyard which illustrate Aphrodite (the Goddess of love ) and Ceres (the Goddess of bountiful harvest). All the artworks can also be seen in the pool area on large banners.

The frieze was ‘christened’ by Duncan Goodhew on 17th April 1998 and Bob Beagrie was on hand to read his poem to the people of Berwick Hills.




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