Bus Shelter Observations

From the careful observations of one person grew the interests of many and the foundations of a fluctuating group of artists from very different disciplines. ‘Heterogloss’ ‘bus shelter observations,’ sounds a little like trainspotting, but on second glance at their productions, a small book full of marks left behind in bus shelters, and a poem of journey’s taken in life, really captures the shelter as a stage. The tongue in cheek approach to their second publication, taking a real bus time table and printing poetry and statements within, challenges the boundaries of ownership, asks what is non art if it is not art and offers the public something the bus company could have offered for nothing. This publication is subtle and mature in content and yet it bridges a gap between graffiti and corporate advertisement, in an age where you may see the Reebok logo on the side of an egg. This publication will be launched at the Barbican Book Fair, Silk street, London 19th November 1999.

Heterogloss has also produced a pack of things they have done and things that you could do, whether you are a school, college or a lone practitioner. The approaches to art are cross platform and fit with all age groups and deal with ideas that challenge the relationship between the corporate and the public.

For the year of the artist Heterogloss is putting together a proposal and would like to hear from all artists from all disciplines, who would be interested in utilising the shelter as a gallery, or art object. This will culminate in a trail of art of different disciplines and approaches, celebrating the artist and their diversity to change the way we think about spaces in the public domain.

What could you do with a bus shelter?

Write to us expressing your interest in the shelter, your interest in this project and why you would want to be considered to help develop this adventure? Please enclose a C.V.

We are sorry only successful applicants will be contacted for further inclusion in the development of this programme.