INTUNE book cover


I care about people, the environment, myself
I am carefree when I’m having a drink with my friends
I don’t care for asparagus, turnip or sweetcorn
With care we can share things
Care is loving and giving
Without care we are nothing

To really care you must
Experience things both good and bad:
Grief, loss, sadness and pain
Joy, happiness and fulfilment come from these

Care looks like a field of poppies, rich red and warm
Care sounds like a bell ringing, calling all to listen
Care tastes like fresh cream cakes, soft and nourishing
The smell of care is that of freshly baked bread, wholesome and hearty
The touch of care feels like velvet, soft and smooth
Care flows like the tide with its ebbs and lows
Care says, “Hello. I love you.”

Sheila Masterman

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