INTUNE: The Street of Untold Misery

A turn in the road and the street is in sight,
A rusty old street sign sets the tone,
Gangs of people loom in the grey haze
The litter-strewn bushes are a green relief
My senses are heightened
Pace of walk slows as heartbeat quickens
The gangs congregate in their usual places
This is a place where life is at its toughest
Sirens wail in the background
The cries of babies in their prams,
Mum’s screaming at them
Don’t hang around here too long
Keep your head down
Houses are all that can be seen for miles
This truly is an urban jungle
The air is heavy with city fumes
No fresh air to breath in here
The lives that could have been
Hide their true potential
Litter rattles down the street caught in the breeze
All you thought was true doesn’t apply here
A street that still carries the scars of war,
War between gangs who have torn the soul
Out of the community. How did it come to this?
The darkness came
The darkness came
Leaving the haze of misery behind
We return to where we feel safe again
Knowing we will return again tomorrow.

Sara Close