INTUNE: Holidays

A grand station with shallow steps
Blue and yellow colours all around
Skipping down the street in anticipation
Of what’s to come, laughter and sounds
Of excitement surround me
A fall into water spells danger
Bright and sunny with fluffy clouds floating
The Abbey stands high on the distant clifftop
Fish, chips n’ mushy peas and Botham’s bread
Pirates and Dracula lurking in narrow streets
Seagulls flapping in the sky, diving for tit-bits
Secrets of the past high up in the graveyard
Close to the Abbey; death, doom and gloom
But the smugglers spirits are high
Where is the pirate’s grave to be found?
What pirate’s grave?
What pirate’s grave?
Our fortnight is up and up and away
We go, back on the train home.

Sheila Masterman