INTUNE: Teesside

Greyhound tracks and old flat caps,
No fancy hats for Ascot,
The happy folk of Hartlepool,
Who hung the Frenchman’s mascot.

A history that many have forgot,
Our iron made the first Big Ben,
Shipyards that can’t be salvaged,
Thanks to those at number ten.

A bridge down under from Dorman Long,
Over the Tees on the Transporter Bridge.
We had ICI with a job that was life long,
Now we face life on the dole.

Our seaside resorts are no Riviera,
Thanks to our dismal weather,
Saltburn, Redcar and Seaton Carew,
I admit aren’t known for their views.

Channel Four you don’t know what we’re about,
So forget another Benefit Street,
“Give us jobs”, you’ll hear us shout,
We’re sick of your editorial deceit.

We’re workers and want to show our worth,
An industry for us up in the North.
Community spirit, a precious commodity,
We’re sick and tired of all the bureaucracy.

Dorothy Crellin