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The world is to be recycled
Mr Smith the man with the most reused name
Said in a statement today
If you’d had the option you’d do the same
I know what it is and I’ve had all I can take
So today is the day to put a stop to this game
Re-use her - on a universal scale
I am going to recycle the earth.
In an interview on Radio four
Mrs Jones a woman with the most used name
Said in a statement today
You can’t do that it’s not what it’s for
And all the same I am also part of this game
There is so much more that we can find
Things like- new minerals and unobtainium
Gloriously wacky it blows your mind
There is life in the old girl yet.
Sat listening with the others
Mr Wright whose name has had its fair share
Said in a statement today
Recycle the earth - No No No - I won’t have it said
The future of our children hangs in the sway
And besides I am not even dead
This ludicrous idea is not worth the time
Recycle the paper, plastic, and lead
The earth is so lovely- it would not be a fair
To hand her over to be used instead
As the object in a giant game of pinball
To be whacked and bounced to and fro
From bumper to bumper, through shoots and all
Come now think it over - where would we go.

Adrian Moule