Sweet Water: Ode to water

Ode To Water


Oh water, water

Everyone gives you a different name

You have the same message for all

You give life and hope

You give us smiles in droplets


Oh water, water

You give willingly when someone is suffering

You give peace without ceasing

You are kind and you are calm

You are clear and you are clean

But lovely even when you’re boggy


Oh water, water

I have seen you waving at me

I have seen you bubbling in a bottle

Who can live without you?

And who could be against you?


Oh water, water

Your love gets in every home

Everyone needs you like a child

Needs its mum in its first fragile days

You are my friend when I’m wordless

You sooth me when I’m tired



TU Class of 2015 - History Graduate! Daring Contemporary Choreographer & avid traveller