Sweet Water Book Cover

Sweet Water: Transformations


At the age of nineteen
I was in the Red Sea
with my first girlfriend.
We swam for many hours
and then hired a small boat
with another eight strangers
to travel to an island.
Our skin had cracks all over
due to the sea salt
as we did not find fresh water
to have a proper shower.
My ex-girlfriend,
who is now an Italian Diplomat
in Zimbabwe, still remembers
these moments.
From the middle of the waves
the God of the Sea appeared
with his massive sword and spear
He threatened everyone
to keep silent otherwise
he would divide the sea.
Everyone dived off the boat
and swam deep, turning
into mermaids and mermen,
and discussed the best way
to respond to the sea god.
We all agreed to pray for a moment
and send a representatives
to speak to the God of The Sea.
These were algae and shark.