Grow your Tenner

Success with Grow your Tenner Campaign

If you weren’t already aware, we took part in Local Giving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign 2016, where if you had donated £10 to us then they would double it to £20 and/or if were able to donate it monthly they would double the first three months so the £30 becomes £60. Additionally, if you were aware of another charity who would have liked to take part, then if they clicked a link, both TVA and they would get an extra £10 donation. The campaign lasted until the cash had run out or 16th November, which was then extended to the 28th November.

We would like to thank everyone who kindly gave donations and from this, we are pleased to announce the success of this campaign for Tees Valley Arts where we have raised a total of £477.59! This is then doubled by our Arts Council England Evolve funding, meaning donations came to £1,066.03 (or 1% of our annual core budget).

This is a fantastic amount and shows that no matter the size of the donation, one £2 donation was increased to £8.51 inc match and gift aid, so it can all contribute to an amount that has the power to make a significant difference!

To read more about Local Giving’s Grow your Tenner Campaign, click here

If you’d like to consider supporting Tees Valley Arts then though Grow your Tenner has now finished our Evolve funding runs until August 2019 and it would double your donation. For our donation page, click here