My Time at Tees Valley Arts – Zoya Din

I have come to Tees Valley Arts for my Year 10 Work Experience from Macmillan Academy and I thoroughly enjoy it. For the past few days, I have been doing computer work and learning how to edit pages on the website. Throughout this process, I think my ICT has progressed massively which could help me lots in the nearby future whilst looking for a job. On my first day, I looked through the website to see what changes could be made, the pros and cons, and just before and after lunch, I edited the Application Guidelines page and changed the links of websites that did not work.

The next day, I edited the news page of the website, adding and editing the information that had just come through or deleting the ones that had expired and were not working anymore. Throughout the days, I am presented with different tasks such as working on the computer with Peter or working with Rowena to deliver things, like what we did when Rowena and I went to deliver banners and photos of bees, sunflowers, doves etc. to different primary schools throughout the Tees Valley. I have learnt so many skills from working here as it has boosted my confidence in helping others and working in situations that I may not have been able to work in before. My work experience helped solidify what I wanted to do in the future after I have finished my studies.

I would really love to do something in Music as I love the industry and learning the electronics that go with working in Music. This experience has really changed my view as when I realised I would just be doing office work, I was not keen on the idea but the longer I have been here the more I understand how important these things are and that if we did not have them, we would not get the information we need to get jobs or do the things we love.

Over the next few days, I went through the pages that seemed a bit bland and added in photos that seemed to fit in with the page. I also went through the emails to see which emails would fit in with the newsletter. Yesterday, I visited MIMA to talk to Helen Welford, a former student of John Carter and asked her about his work and the work she enjoyed and how she had met John at the beginning.