Our Alumni in 1992

Artists We’ve Worked With

Alain Ayers, Anders Holmquist, Anthony Holloway, Barry Boothby, Christine Horsley, Craig Hornby, Deanna Petherbridge, Eleanor Wheeler, Farooq Ahmed, Frank Dunne, Graham Crowley, Gurdev Singh, Halliday Meecham, Hanna Luezak, Jane Cuthbert, Jane Margrave, Jeeni Neal, Jim Partridge, Keith Bridgewood, Keith Pattison, Liz Elson, Liz Walmsey, Lorna Moone, Margaret Williams, Martin Pettit, Matthew Jaret, Mike Disley, Mohammed Sarwar, Naina Malde, Norah Hill, Paddy Burton of Jack Drum, Panayiotis Kalorkoti, Pandit Sharda Sahai, Peat Oberon, Peter Spafford, Stephen Poulton, Takashi Ikezawa, Ulrike Scriba, Vie Brailsford, Vivien Mousdell

Artist Groups We’ve Worked With

Chimaera Circus, Cleveland Dance Project, Cleveland Disabled Writer’s Group, Cleveland Theatre Society, Cleveland Youth Dance Theatre, Dovecot Arts, Edwin Trotter Associates, Freeform Arts, Graeae, GW Theatre Company, Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company, Inner Sense Percussion Orchestra, Interplay, Living Memory Theatre Company, Mockbeggar Theatre Company, Mosaic Youth Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Company, Redcar Youth Dance Company, Sahil, Six unnamed English poets, Six unnamed UK based Punjabi and Urdu poets, Unnamed local Somali woman, Unnamed Somali band, Village Arts

Board Members

Hugh McQuillen
Served: From 23 June 1987 to 13 June 1992

Esther Maughan MBE
Served: From 19 April 1989 to 17 July 1992

Andrew Dixon, Andy Croft, Brian Coldwell, David Willshaw, Dorothy Seddon, J Thomson, Jeff Blood, Lesley Oates (Chair), M Taylor, Margaret Hoggarth, Maurice Sutherland, Richard Bell, V M Dave, V T Collins


Arts Council of Great Britain, Arts Equality Unit, Cleveland Academy of Art and Literature, Cleveland Community Care Forum, Cleveland County Council, Cleveland County Council Education Authority, Cleveland County Social Services, Cleveland District Councils, Cleveland Health Centre, Cleveland Social Skills, Cleveland Youth Association, Community Arts Middlesbrough, Easterside Primary School, Education Department, Eston Park School, European Arts Festival, Hall Garth School, Hartlepool Borough Council, Hartlepool District Council, Health and Social Services, Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, ICA, Instrumental Music Service of Cleveland County Council, International Family Centre, Kirby College, Langbaurgh District Council, Lansdowne Centre, League of Friends, Middlesbrough Borough Council, Middlesbrough District Council, Newport Day Centre for Older People, North Tees Health Authority, North Tees Hospital, Northern Arts, Northern Program Management, Northern Rock Housing Trust LTD, PPL Designs and Marketing, Public Art Unit, RDW Public Relations, Redland Bricks LTD, South Tees Community and Mental Health, South Tees Health Authority, St. Mary’s Centre, St. Paul’s Neighbourhood Centre, Stockton District Council, Teesside Arts Award, Teesside Development Corporation, Teesside Tomorrow, Teesside Training Enterprise, Tithe Barn House Resource Centre for Older People, University of Leeds Adult Education Centre, Warren Road Skills Centre, WriteAround


Alastair Snow, Andrea Williams, Darryl Okey, Debbie Richardson, Denise Gilgallon, Linda Fowler, Linda Innes, Mark Robinson, Reuben Kench, Simon Smith, Steve Chettle, Susan Wilson


Kate Dove, Maureen George