Our Alumni in 2005

Artists we’ve worked with

Ahmed Adnan, African Acoustic Soul, David Allinson, Maureen Almond, Imad Alsadi, Leanne Bain, Adam Baldwin, Anthony Bassett, Bob Beagrie, Billinda, Andy Broderick, Jamie Campbell, Steve Carolan, Tess Chaytor, Andy Comley, Jade Cook, Elizabeth Corney, Coulkenny Ltd, Tim Coyte, Dance Action, Dede Saint Prix Band, Maurice Dezou, Syndou Diarrassouba, Denis Dunning, Carolyn Fairlie, Kate Fox, Jon Hall, Mark Hodgson, Kev Howard, Nkosana Impofu, Inkspot, c/oTeesside Ability Support Centre, Bidi Iredale, Jack Drum Arts, Frazer Johnston, Kurdish Cultural Group, Andrew Liddell, Steven Lomas Brough, Derek Mathews, Andrew McCall-Smith, Sarah McCluskey, Mike McGrother, Tony McNally, Derek Mosey, Adrian Moule, Malcolm Noble, Moira O’Neill, Beccy Owen, Kerrie Page, Ian Paine, Leanne Pike, Dougy Pincott, Lizzie Purdham, Roots Melody, Roaring Mouse, Baruch Rosengarten, Sakoba Dance Company, Helen Shannon, Karen Sheader, Leslie Simpson, Rowena Sommerville, David Stephenson, Nicola Strike, Tees Valley World Drummers, Milo Thelwall, Steve Thompson, Steve Tomlinson, Transglobal Undergound, Michelle Tripp, Helen Ward, Mark Warner, Frances Julie Whitelaw, Rachel Willis, Andy Willoughby, Martin Wilson, Helen Wood, Andrew Woodcock, Vici Wreford-Sinnott, Steven Wright Reggae Band, Young Riders

Board Members

Neil Etherington
Served: From 25th April 1995 to 23rd November 2005

Andrew Peaston Price
Served: From 1st April 2000 to 31st January 2005

Christopher Beadle
Served: From 7 July 2003 to 28 January 2005