Our Alumni in 2007

Artists we’ve worked with

Bob Beagrie, Lisa Bean, Beta Simon, Andy Broderick, Circus Malabaristas, Antonia Clark, Andy Comley, Tim Coyte, Creative Glass & Mirrors, Culture Creative, Maurice Dezou, Carolyn Fairlie, Kate Fox, Vicky Holbrough, Kev Howard, Bidi Iredale, Stephen Iredale, Ellie Land, Naina Malde, Andrew McCall-Smith, Ian McChesney, Dani Mitchell, Gassan Mohammed, Adrian Moule, Malcolm Noble, Ian Paine, Nicola Parkin, David Pisaro, Yvonne Preston, Amy Readman, Lucy Ridley, Leslie Simpson, Michael Spenceley, Stephen Sudlow, Kim Thomson, Bill Tidy, Tin Arts (Martin Wilson), Craig Vear, Mark Warner (Kitch-en), Elizabeth Whyman, Andy Willoughby

Board Members

Sarah Robson
Served: From 19 May 2005 to 22 August 2007

Eyv Saunders
Served: From 1 April 2004 to 8 October 2007

Trevor Teasdel
Served: From 5 January 2003 to 8 October 2007