Spectratext by Peter Freeman

spectratxt is a text message reactive light sculpture in Middlesborough town centre. Sited at a crossroad, in a pedestrianised area of Middlesbrough’s shopping precinct, it was designed by Peter Freeman and was inspired by local connections to Captain Cook’s journeys to Tahiti.

Spectra-txt is a 10-metre column of light made of a 1000 points of fibre-optic light in a mirrored stainless steel structure. It creates shimmering colours and spectacular reflections.

Using text commands and a mobile telephone anyone can choose one of six colour animations. Commissioned by Tees Valley Arts on behalf of Middlesbrough Council and completed in 2004.


Creator: http://www.artcornwall.org/features/Peter_Freeman3.htm

Spectratext by Peter Freeman


  • Texting ‘Chromapop’ throws up animated rainbows of glittering light.
  • Texting ‘Boro’ turns spectra-txt into the colours of the local football team.


2018 Enjoy Tees Valley, Things to Do
2004 BBC News


Middlesbrough Council

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