INTUNE book cover

INTUNE: A Sight Long Dead

Green, yellow, brown. and red
with azure skies a sight long dead.
Cold, grey metal like lead,
now hits the eyes instead.
Girls with a rope, boys with a ball,
hand in hand two lovers out for a stroll.
Simple, uncomplicated and long gone lost.
Now guns in a tower, guards on the street
prisoners bound both hands and feet,
Shall the eyes never meet.
A time long gone, a time long yearned,
Stolen from those that never learned,
Taken by those that never earned.
A helicopter lands, a tank rolls off,
A machine gun ricochet signalled the end,
of a world seemingly on the mend.
The powers that be,
could not stand the likes of you and me,
Laughing, hand in hand.
Now all emotion has gone,
misery’s reign goes on and on.
Green, yellow browns and red
with azure skies a sight long dead.

Paul Lofts

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