Izzy and Ree list the 70s

Izzy’s Work Experience

I’m Izzy, I’m currently studying A Levels at Egglescliffe Sixth Form and I am hoping to, one day, start a career in the arts. As part of my college’s Wednesday afternoon enrichment scheme I have been taking part in work experience at Tees Valley Arts for the past few weeks…

On the first week, back at the start of September, I visited the Tees Barrage with Ree to see the workings of a project run by River Tees Rediscovered – a mural to celebrate 20 years of the inauguration of the Tees Barrage completely made from old bottle tops. As well as this being an amazing piece of art I also enjoyed seeing how organisations like TVA support projects like this. After returning to the office I was set out on the task of organising and listing the equipment in the music studio. Then later on that afternoon, I had a little lesson on how TVA and other companies use social media to reach local people and shout about recent and upcoming projects.

Izzy visiting Adam Bligh at the Teesside Barrage
Izzy visiting Adam Bligh at the Teesside Barrage

The next week I was invited into the office for the whole day to sit in on an Arts Award training session run by Ree. From this I learnt more about the Arts Award scheme and also enjoyed the experience of being involved in a meeting in a work environment which I have never done before. The session also involved talking to people who are involved in the arts. This was beneficial as any information I can gather about the industry, locally, is useful as I hope to go into the arts in the future.

The following week, Ree and I visited CCAD to discuss ideas about a new project to link CCAD’s costume department and River Tees Rediscovered. Through this I found out more about how different people and organisations can link together in order to create new projects as well as thoroughly enjoying dressing up in CCAD’s 70’s themed costumes… because why not!

In more recent weeks I have done some more tasks based in the TVA office like updating the photography inventory and re-organising the studio as well as some admin tasks and sitting in on meetings about upcoming projects. Through this I have really learnt about all the work that an organisation like TVA have to do before a project or event can take place – something you aren’t taught in school!

I have really enjoyed my work experience with TVA so far and it has given me insight into the arts industry. I would recommend work experience at TVA for anyone interested in the arts!