My Work Experience by Ashleigh Ellis

The week I have spent at Tees Valley Arts on work experience has been interesting as I have been able to experience things that I may not have been able to if  I did not attend this week. For example I now have experienced what an academic conference is like and what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of charity based art projects. Although I found some parts of the Creative Fuse conference, at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle, boring as they were not very relevant to Tees Valley Arts’ upcoming projects, I did like the part in the conference when the audience where able to ask  and answer questions for the panelists on the stage. I enjoyed this part as it gave everyone a chance to see what the other people’s thoughts and feelings where on a particular subject.

Artists who have worked with Tees Valley Arts
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Earlier in the week I went to the Thorntree Hub with Miki to visit the group of ladies from the local community, the Thorntree Roses, that have been working with artists to create baskets from weaving willow. While I was there I observed how to weave the willow. Finally, I have been making graphs on graph commons to show all of the different artists who have collaborated with TVA since 1998 (see here). I did enjoy making these as they looked nice once every artist had been added as you could see who they where and who was part of an organisation or a singular artist as the graph was colour coded.

Overall I have enjoyed my visit to Tees Valley Arts.