Cultural Volunteering Programme

My Work Experience by Ashleigh Ellis

Artists who have worked with Tees Valley Arts

The week I have spent at Tees Valley Arts on work experience has been interesting as I have been able to experience things that I may not have been able to if  I did not attend this week. For example, I now have experienced what an academic conference is like and what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of charity based art projects. Although I found some parts of the Creative Fuse conference, at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle, boring as they were not very relevant to Tees Valley Arts’ upcoming projects, I did like the part in the conference when the audience was able to ask and answer questions for the panellists on the stage. I enjoyed this part as it gave everyone a chance to see what the other people’s thoughts and feelings were on a particular subject.

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Earlier in the week, I went to the Thorntree Hub with Miki to visit the group of ladies from the local community, the Thorntree Roses, that have been working with artists to create baskets from weaving willow. While I was there I observed how to weave the willow. Finally, I have been making graphs on graph commons to show all of the different artists who have collaborated with Tees Valley Arts since 1998 (see here). I did enjoy making these as they looked nice once every artist had been added as you could see who they were and who was part of an organisation or a singular artist as the graph was colour coded.

Overall I have enjoyed my visit to Tees Valley Arts.

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Public Sculpture Mapping Volunteer Project Launched


Throughout the 80s and 90s Tees Valley Arts was one of the largest commissioners of Public Art in the North East, perhaps the whole UK, though documented at the time this activity has never been documented by Tees Valley Arts on our website or in print.

As part of mima’s localism project we’d like to document the history of the public sculpture we’ve delivered and aid mima in documenting public sculpture across the Tees Valley.

We’d really like to be able to contribute to the National Recording Project (NRP) of the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association to ensure that the Tees Valley’s place in our national narrative of Public Art is properly recorded.

How you can help:

  • Work through books identifying public sculpture and add them to our website
  • Take Photos of identified public sculptures
  • Mark public sculptures on our sculpture map
  • Update a sculpture’s record on the NRP database

If you’d like to find out more, and/or indeed help out then please get in touch.

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The stART Project

stART is an 8 week creative project

3 days a week (Tue, Wed, Thur), 10am – 2.30pm (with lunch break)


  • Creative Space (vacant shop unit) Wellington Square, Stockton
  • Small group of 10 young people
  • Working with Nicola Parkin and John Greenan

Tees Valley Arts are working in partnership with Visit Tees Valley and Middlesbrough Connexions on the stART project.  The stART Project is part of the Cultural Volunteering Programme supported by One North East.

The stART Project works with young people aged 17 to 19 categorised as Not in Education, Employment or Training, and delivers a package of creative activities and learning.  stART takes place in TVA’s art room, equipped and furnished with funds from the LSC, the Northern Rock Foundation, and the Cultural Volunteering Project.

Workshops take place with professional artists and involve fun and accessible art based exercises that develop individual creative skills building confidence and self-esteem. Other activities include games and exercises that use an informal approach to encourage positive engagement and reflective thinking, whilst developing pre-employment skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

All the young people will work as individuals and teams to achieve the Bronze Arts Award.

Arts Award Qualification (Tuesday and Thursday)

  • Daily diary – writing up sessions – photography – audio and visual
  • Trip to Newcastle
  • Arts Hero Project
  • Sharing Skills

NVQ Level 1 Qualification

£3 per day
£20 highstreet voucher upon completion of project


Download (PDF, 188KB)

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