Our Alumni in 2010

Artists we’ve worked with

Adeel Saeed Chishti, David Allinson, Artrium, Band-x, Bob Beagrie, Paul Belcher, Dennis Bovell Dub Band, Dennis Bovell International Orchestra, Tony Charles, Jo Colley, CoMusica, Maurice Dezou, Paul Dolan, Lindsay Duncanson, Joe Dunne, Durham County Youth Big Band, Papa Essel, Flava, Marek Gabrysch, Rachel Gretton, Vicky Holbrough, Kev Howard, Francesca Hudson, Bidi Iredale, Richard Kay, Love Revolution, Andrew McCall-Smith, Steve McCormick, Misty in Roots, Bob Mitchell (Profile Gallery), MusicMix, Adrian Moule, Gabriel Mulangu, Dina Murphy, Nickens from Kasai Masai (film night), Yussef Nimer, Shelley O’Brien (Michelle Parker), Ian Paine, Nicola Parkin, Pig pen, Lyndsey Roe, Phil Roxby, Irene Ryan, Salam UK, Ruth Scott, Holly Shahverdi, Sidibe, Michael Sogbetun, Rowena Sommerville, Frank Styles, T3C, Top Boy Family, Michelle Tripp, Mike Turnbull, Pablo U-wa, Shirley Wells, Andy Willoughby

Board Members

Gordon Bates, Trustee
Served: From * to 7 October 2009 (by letter)

Rom Stanko, Trustee
Served: From 21st April 2005 to 5th May 2009 (by letter)