Articulate was a programme which aimed to develop cutting edge arts projects inspired by, involving and relating to disabled people. It worked with disabled people to develop sustainable initiatives that addressed issues of social exclusion caused by an often disabling society. It offered support to disabled people in raising and realising their aspirations through the arts.

Disabled people have something to say about the way the world shuts them out. Articulate will make sure that their voice is heard loud and clear.

Since September 2000 the Articulate Programme had been working with disabled people on arts projects inspired by, involving and relating to them and their experiences. To date, Articulate has worked with disabled people to instigate 13 arts projects ranging across a wide variety of art forms and participated in by people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairment and mental health problems.

These projects included one that supported the attendance of participants at workshops, performances and events, the Art Taxi Service. There have been approximately 630 taxi journeys to and from Articulate projects and other arts events and there was also opportunity for the production of poems and photographs. In Phase 1 the Articulate Programme had worked with approximately 260 individuals, involved 26 different artists, and had reached an audience of over 1800.



David Stephenson

David Stephenson

Artist and Blacksmith.

Suzy Varty

Suzy Varty

Cartoonist and graphic artist.

John Shingleton

Digital artist.

Val Magee

Poet and artist.

Norah Hill
You Don’t Look Like A Writer, Norah Hill; Photo by Dermot Blackburn (1998)

Norah Hill


Sarah Nicholson



Borough Council Funders