Parachute Projects

The aim of Parachute Projects was to support, develop and celebrate the creativity of young asylum seekers and refugees and their families.

Building on You Are Here, this project placed arts practitioners with supported groups of newly arrived young people, to explore creativity, have fun, develop confidence and self-expression. This assisted and eased their transition to adulthood and adjustment to a new country and culture. Parachute project operated mainly in Stockton and Middlesbrough.

Young people from varied backgrounds and cultures, all of whom have experienced difficulty and change, are strengthened by working together in harmonious and creative ways. Outputs included written work, pictures, music and performance (recorded and live). Much of the work was showcased in the annual WorldFest festivals.

The Artists

Funded by

This project was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The partners were the North of England Refugee Service; Stockton Asylum team; Middlesbrough Asylum team; Welcome project.