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The In:volve Programme used the arts as a tool to raise aspirations and achievements, promote social enterprise, and
develop pride in the environment and achievements of communities in the Tees Valley. Participants worked with artists to
learn new skills and build confidence. Whilst engaged in a variety of creative activities, participants gained transitional skills and worked towards the establishment of social enterprises with a creative focus.

The In:volve Programme was managed by tees valley arts who have been developing and delivering arts projects in the Tees
Valley for many years, in many different settings, including schools, youth projects, basic skills groups, health and social care groups, job clubs and neighbourhood renewal groups. The project was part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

An arts activity can be a valuable and exciting way of engaging with new groups of people, particularly those who may be
disenchanted with formal learning opportunities. Art works produced, whether a digital video, an anthology of poetry or a live
performance, can contribute to raising awareness about local issues, improve health and well being and promote social inclusion.

Tees Valley Arts believes that participating in well managed arts activities encourages people to:

  • Develop their own creativity
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Raise their aspirations
  • Increase their self-esteem
  • Improve their concentration
  • Improve their social skills
  • Develop new ways of looking at situations
  • Have space for personal growth
  • Develop insight and understanding
  • Become better citizens


In:volve consisted of seven projects and their achievements have resulted in the development of a model of good practice that can be adapted to a variety of situations and environments and contribute to personal and social development. The model uses the creative process to engage with often very ‘hard to reach’ people, and involves them in creative projects, that develop new skills, provide them with opportunities to make new friends, and encourages them to work together to develop projects that can have an impact upon their communities. tees valley arts is committed to working in partnership to promote opportunities to develop the programme in a wide variety of contexts, including work with young people, health and social care and education.



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