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Crossing the Tees

Crossing the Tees was part of the River Tees Rediscovered project that is funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund over a five year period. Crossing the Tees involved various artists such as Miranda Richmond, Adrian Moule and Anna Cole working within three different boroughs in Teesside to provide workshops in Cynanotypes, Collographs at Home and Blockprints.

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Block Prints

In this workshop, Artist Miranda Richmond guided the group participants on how to do block printing. The group participants were able to use different shaped cutout blocks such as different fish, waves, treees and birds in relation to the River Tees theme to create their own artwork.



Collographs at Home

In this workshop, Artist Adrian Moule worked with the group participants on how to make Collograph prints, the group participants were able to make two different types of prints to capture the area of Teesside, the River Tees and Crossing the Tees.



Cyanotypes at Home

In this workshop, Artist Anna Cole led an introduction to making Cynaotypes at home to the group participants. The group participants were introduced to drawing on acetate to make a negative for the print. Various shapes were used for this to capture their own vision of the Tees.


All photographs were taken for Tees Valley Arts by Kev Howard. Creative Commons BY-NC-ND International 4.0 License.

Crossing the Tees Printmaking

Crossing the Tees Book Jacket

ISBN 978-0-9540475-9-7
Edited by Adrian Moule
Design Anna Atkinson Dunn
Photography Anna Atkinson Dunn and Artists
Typesetting Neal & Associates
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Gender Neutral by Matt Brooks from the Noun Project

River Tees Rediscovered Crossing the Tees
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