Our Alumni in 2006

Artists we’ve worked with

A Classic Day’s Production, Ahmed Adnan-Nasr, Danny Allinson (Blue Square Music), Dave Allinson, Leanne Bain, Mark Banks MC, Bob Beagrie, Andy Broderick, Bruza and the Aftershock, Jamie Campbell, Tess Chaytor, Jo Colley, Andy Comley, Tim Coyte, Andy Croft, Maurice Dezou, Syndou Diarrrassouba, Louise Drennan, Denis Dunning, Eloje, Carolyn Fairlie, Kate Fox, Claude Frere-Smith, Gael, Grandma’s House, Henwen, Mark Hodgson, Kev Howard, Martie Illingworth (B.A.T. Productions), Bidi Iredale, Frazer Johnston, Merville Jones, Kalx Salsa Band, Kanda Bongo Man, Kasai Masai, Kurdish Band & Dancers, Les Freres de la Rue, Andrew Liddell, Ian Macdonald, Robert Maseko, Lauren Mazzey, Andrew McCall-Smith (Equaliser Productions), Mike McGrother, Tony McNally, Paul Midgley, Dani Mitchell, Gassan Mohammed, Adrian Moule, Name, Malcolm Noble, Stephen Norman (Soul Fire Sounds), Northern Lights, Ian Paine, Nicola Parkin, Dougy Pincott, Identity on Tyne, Kate Rider, Lucy Ridley, Imad Sawalha, Shoot Your Mouth Off (SYMO), small world : Big Drums, Nicola Strike, Paul Sudlow, Stephen Sudlow, Tees Valley World Drummers, Kim Thomson, Tinariwen, Tin Productions, Michelle Tripp, Cath Walshaw, Helen Ward, Shirley Wells, Wildcats of Kilkenny, Margaret Williams, Rachel Willis (Bravura), Martin Wilson, Andy Willoughby, Young Riders

Board Members

Alex Cunningham
Served: From 1 June 2004 to 28 February 2006

Claude Frere-Smith
Served: From 14 October 2004 to 28 February 2006

Carol Cooke
Served: From 1 April 2004 to 8 March 2006

Gerda Roper
Served: From 17 February 2005 to 10 April 2006

Reverend Robert Cooper
Served: From 14 October 2004 to 26 May 2006